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Crafting with Aluminum Cans-4 Noses Mountain Wave

4 Noses Mountain Wave

I love to cut shapes out of aluminum cans and add them to my card creations.

It's easy to do, and the possibilities are endless!

You can view my aluminum can creations HERE

(Instructions and a link to a video tutorial on how to cut the cans can be found on this page)

I'm always on the look out for interesting designs and colors on aluminum cans.

Over the years, I have used hundreds of different beer and soda cans, each one turning out a little different.

Fortunately, my husband is a craft beer drinker and is always bringing home new beers to try.  Often, these beers have interesting labels on the cans. 

My husband drinks the beer, then I confiscate the cans to create!

This was the case when he brought home Mountain Wave brewed by 4 Noses Brewing Company, Broomfield, CO.

I love the stylized mountains outlined in gold on this label.

I also like how again, the label is not printed directly on the can, but instead, is a type of plastic that is heat shrinked onto the can.

More and more breweries seem to be using this type of label.

  It makes it easy to use the label. 

You don't need to cut down the can to get to the label.  Instead, you can just peel it off the can.

The one thing I struggled with using this label is the "4 Noses" wording that is just left of the moon.

  I didn't want to cut the label down any more than necessary to get rid of it, so I put the greeting from Butterfly Gala over the top of it. 

The card base is Bermuda Bay which goes perfectly with the colors in the label. 

Mountain Wave 4 Noses Brewing Co

Here's what the can looks like before cutting down the label.


Happy Stampin'!