Jar of Flowers Sympathy Card
Crafting with Aluminum Cans-Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Mountain Air Sympathy Card

Dee Sympathy

2020 has been a rough year.

This is the 5th sympathy card I've made so far this year.

This one is for the family of a friend who passed away suddenly the end of June.

This one is especially hard for me as she was a good friend.

She was one of the ladies who welcomed us to Wetmore, and was instrumental in introducing us to the community.

I don't know about you, but I usually have someone in mind as I create a card.

This was certainly the case as I created this one.

I could feel her over my shoulder, smiling at this scene, so perfect for our small mountain community.

We stamped together.  She was extremely talented and fussy!

We shared meals together.

We shopped together.

We laughed together.

We worried about fires and flash floods in our community together.

I will miss her smile.

Rest in peace, Dee.


Happy Stampin'!