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Quilted Folded Iris Victorian Shoe by Kathy Cox

Kathy Cox quilted iris folded Victorial Shoe

Recently, I was contacted by quilter Kathy Cox who shared her beautiful quilted Iris Folded Victorian Shoe based on the Iris Folded Victorian Shoe I created way back in 2011!

And on top of that, she made it in purples!

Of course, my Victorian Shoe was Iris Folded with paper.

Iris Folded Shoe for blog

I was thrilled to see this work of art, and honored that I offered some inspiration.

Kathy says  that she had to rearrange the numbers since the Iris has to go in first with fabric quilting.

When asked if this was going to be a part of a larger quilt, Kathy said, "No it will not be part of a quilt. When I  made it, I had a rug mug in mind.  It is almost too small for a cup, but there is a little room to the left of the shoe.  My next one I will make a tad larger."

So exciting that Iris Folding can be translated into fabric quilting.

Thank you Kathy for sharing!

For Iris Folding how to instructions and video, along with more of my Iris Folded projects, please visit my

Iris Folding Page HERE

Scroll down to towards the bottom to view the instructions and pattern used for the Victorian Shoe.



Happy Stampin'!