Decoupaged Pretty Pines Painted Rock
More Painted Rocks!

A Collection of Painted Rocks

So, I've said it before. 

I'm obsessed with painting rocks!

There is a big movement here in southern Colorado (and maybe in your area too.)

Find and paint rocks.

Leave them in public spaces for others to find.

They, in turn, take the rock and place them somewhere for someone else to find.

It's all designed to bring a smile.

And it does!

You can see my SU! inspired rocks HERE.

But, I thought I'd also share some of the rocks I've painted over the past few weeks.

Sunset inspired rocks:

Sunset rocks

Galaxy Rocks:

Galaxy Rocks

A lot of times, the rocks themselves inspire what they will be.

This was the case with these two fish rocks.



Angel Fish:

Angel Fish Painted Rock

Recently, my Mom and I spent a day painting rocks. 

She let these duck shaped rocks provide the inspiration:

Mom's Ducks

I hope these rocks will make you smile.

I'll share some more in my next posting, so stay tuned!





Happy Stampin'!