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Aluminum Can and Tile Coasters with Video Instructions

One of my all-time favorite crafting techniques is to use aluminum cans! 

This is a great way to recycle and reuse!

I made cool coasters by cutting beer cans into a shape and gluing them to ceramic tiles!

Aluminum cans 043

Click HERE for a full video tutorial!

My husband brought home a six pack of the Artist Series Denver Pale Ale brewed by the Great Divide Brewing Company. 

He knew I would do something fun with the cans!

Isn't the design cool?  Josh Holland is the designer!

Aluminum cans 036

Below is a quick tutorial on how I made these coasters. 

Be sure to view the full video tutorial HERE!

What you'll need:

Aluminum cans 044

aluminum soda or beer can

ceramic tile (found at any home improvement store)

tin snips

good crafting scissors

E6000 glue

clear sealant

die cut machine and dies or a sturdy punch

acrylic paint and brush if you want to paint your tiles

plastic shopping bag and something heavy like books to weigh the cut can on the the tile while the glue dries

felt or fun foam to make the "feet" on the bottom of the tile so furniture is not scratched

gloves to protect your fingers

After washing them out thoroughly, I removed the tops and bottoms of the cans (see video for instructions), flattened them out, then ran them through my Big Shot using a scallop square die. 

Aluminum cans 067

I then glued the square to a ceramic tile using E6000 glue.

Aluminum cans 068
 I then covered the tile with a plastic shopping bag and set 2 heavy books on top.  I set the tile aside to dry.  Drying time is 12-24 hours.

Aluminum cans 072

 Once the glue was dry, I sprayed the tile using a clear sealant and added fun foam "feet" to the bottom of the coaster using the E6000 glue. 

Now, I am ready to use my coaster!

For these, I painted the tiles black before starting.  I used different parts of 3 different cans to create a set of coasters. 

I gave them to my husband as a Father's Day gift!

Aluminum cans 042

The possibilities are endless!

Here's how to cut the cans for use.

Please be careful.  The edges of the cans at this point are sharp and can draw blood.  Once they have been die cut using the Big Shot, edges become smooth.

Rinse out the cans and drain to dry.  With a sturdy pair of scissors or tin snips cut a slit in the can, down from the opening:

Aluminum cans 046

Aluminum cans 048Cut around the top rim of the can to remove:

Aluminum cans 053

Cut down the side of the can to  remove the bottom rim.  I usually cut down along the nutritional info in order to keep the design intact:

Aluminum cans 062

 Now you can open up and flatten the can to use as desired. 

Aluminum cans 065


Happy Stampin'!