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Hand-Painted Shimmer Paper

Shimmer paint-004

Hand-painted paper!  This is one of my all-time favorite projects.  And it is so easy.  All you need are reinkers and Shimmer Paint from Stampin' Up! I love how you have 48+ color choices and each background is different.

Here's what you need:

-matte white card stock

-at least two complimentary reinkers

-Frost White, Platinum or  Champagne Mist  Shimmer Paint

-container of water large enough to hold your cut card stock

-another small container of water to clean your brush

-palette for mixing the reinkers and shimmer paint.  I use the lid to a plastic dip container.

-stipple brush

-something to cover your work surface-it will get wet.  I use freezer paper.

-something to mix the ink and shimmer paint.  I use a toothpick.

Cover your work surface and fill the containers with water.

To mix colors: drop a drop or two of reinkers onto your palette.  Add a drop of shimmer paint of your choice to each reinker color.  Mix the ink and shimmer paint.

Dip the cut card stock into the larger container with water.  The paper needs to be dripping wet.

Remove and lay wet card stock onto your covered work surface.  With a stipple brush, pick up the first color and "stipple" it onto the wet card stock.  The ink will spread.  Clean brush in the container of fresh water. Pick up the 2nd color of ink and shimmer paint.  "Stipple" 2nd color onto wet card stock.  Keep adding more ink until you get the desired effect.

Set aside to dry.  Remember, the paper is really wet, so it will take a little while to dry. 

You will have a shimmery tie-dyed looking background!

Have fun and experiment with different color combinations and shimmer paint.  Each background will be different.

The thumbnail view of different hand-painted paper was created using My Digital Studio.

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