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More Painted Rocks Part 2!

So, I've said it before. 

I'm obsessed with painting rocks!

There is a big movement here in southern Colorado (and maybe in your area too.)

Find and paint rocks.

Leave them in public spaces for others to find.

They, in turn, take the rock and place them somewhere for someone else to find.

It's all designed to bring a smile.

And it does!

Click HERE to see more of my collection on painted rocks

The holidays have passed, and things have calmed down.

Time to paint more rocks!

Parrot rock 1

Parrot rock

This is probably one of my favorite rocks I painted and is definitely a keeper.

I let the shape of the rock determine what it would be.

After getting on Pinterest, I found a great idea to work from.

It took me awhile to get it right, but I really like it.

It currently sits on our heater next to my other favorite, the trout rock:


Parrot and trout rocks


Giraffe rock 1

 Giraffe rock

Again, the shape of the rock helped determine what would be painted on it.

This one just makes me smile.  I have determined that this is a keeper too.

Or, I might give it to my one-year-old granddaughter for her rock garden.

Santa Rocks

Santa rocks

I found an idea for these on Pinterest.  Mine didn't turn out as cute as the ones I saw online, but oh well.

I have the hardest time with painting eyes.  After several failed attempts, I ended up putting wiggly eyes on them.

So much easier than fighting it!


Pom pom snowmen

Pom pom snowmen rocks

Cute little snowmen wearing stocking caps.

Just in time for winter!


Man in Moon

Man in the Moon rock

The rock helped shape what would be painted on it.

Man in the Moon Rock

and finally, Man in the Moon and stars rock.

This is another one where the rock determined what it would be.  The upper ledge of the rock is crescent moon shaped, perfect for that man in the moon!

 I punched some stars out of designer paper using a small star punch and decoupaged them to the lower ledge of the rock.

This is a fairly large-sized and heavy rock.  I decided to keep this one, and it now has a place on our steps to the front porch. 

Dino and man in the moon 1

The dino and man on the moon help welcome visitors!

I hope this will provide inspiration for you to join the painted rock movement!




Happy Stampin'!