Iris Folded Christmas Ornament Part 2
Glimmery Swirly Snowflakes

Blast from the Past-Extra Postage Required Cards

This year, as I was going through my stash of Christmas cards, I came across a few cards that I had made over the years that I never mailed. 

Why is that, you may ask?

I didn't mail them because I knew they would require extra postage.

They were bulky because of embellishments that I had added.

So, this year, I hand-delivered them to attendees at a recent Christmas card making class. 

They were a hit!

Here are a few of those hard to mail cards:

Straw Christmas Tree

This straw Christmas tree card was featured in a post on October 26, 2013.

I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and made it quickly using straws I found in my crafting stash.

Steam punk christmas tree

This steam punk Christmas tree was featured in a post on December 21, 2012.

It was the card I made for a Stamp Club Steam Punk themed card swap.

The tree was cut out of copper roof flashing. 

Blue Iris Folded Christmas Ornament

This blue iris folded Christmas Ornament was featured in a post on January 28, 2013.

For more iris folding ideas, please be sure to check my Iris Folding page HERE.

And finally, here are two shaker cards from Pining for Plaid, the October Paper Pumpkin kit.

Pining for Plaid shaker card

Pining for Plaid ornament shaker card

These cards were easy to create in a matter of minutes using the items in the kit, but a little bulky to mail because of the foam circles needed to create the shaker part.

I hope these cards will provide inspiration. 

Even if they are a little bulky for mailing because of embellishments used, they can still be hand-delivered, attached to a present or to batch of homemade goodies!

Happy Stampin'!